Mister Pellet Bianco - ENplus-A1

Mister Pellet Bianco is made from wood residues dry fir 100%. The raw material is obtained from sawmills and the production takes place in integrated plants to minimize transport. For a production of superior quality are used only wood shavings, wood chips, dry sawdust. It contains no artificial additives or binders. Mister Pellet Bianco, which develops a significant amount of energy and produces less ash, is certified ENplus-A1. This pellet by an excellent result, not only in terms of energy, but also for the environment, in fact, the calorific value of 2 kg pellets is equal to approximately that of 1 liter of heating oil, but contrary to the oil, the pellet combustion is CO2-neutral, that is to say that releases exactly as much CO2 contained in it.

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