Possible increase VAT pellets

Has not yet been averted the possible increase of 22% on the pellets!


Unfortunately it was not still avoid the danger of an increase of 22% on the pellet in Italy. In fact, as reported by the press release dell'AIEL, the Senate Budget Committee approved the amendment 3.4111 which will be discussed for the stability law.

Below is the press release:

Does not lower the tax burden by increasing the VAT

Legnaro (Padova), 15 December 2014. The amendment presented Saturday, December 13th from 3.4111 Government and approved by the Senate Budget Committee, which is in charge of the discussion Stability of Law, provides for the increase in VAT on pellet from 10% to 22%. If this choice is confirmed courtroom of the Senate would have serious effects for the citizens and for the businesses. Over two million families in Italy using the pellet to warm up, it is mainly of families who are part of the middle class and popular, what has been most affected by the economic crisis. This increase in VAT would weigh, therefore, mainly on the final consumer.

Moreover, the effect of the measure, if it were approved, would have a heavy effect on market with a sharp contraction in consumption of pellets, to the point that the revenue would be expected significantly reduced. The pellet sector is particularly significant for the Italian industry, with over 42,000 units work used annually, of which more than 20,000 directly in the production and distribution of fuel. The only production of pellets has an impact on employment amounting to 8.3 work units per million euro turnover, against 0.5 for derivatives refined oil. In addition, the incidence of the value added of the pellet production is seven times higher compared with that derived from petroleum refining.

It is not superfluous to point out that the Italian manufacturer of household appliances powered pellet are now leading an international scale, exporting more than 35% in the European Union and North America, contributing to the prestige of the 'Made in Italy' in the world. The heavy and negative repercussions suffer this manufacturing sector, leading technology and research and development, which sees over 22,000 work units employed, would be a serious harm that the Italian Government can not afford to legitimize. There is a real paradox in the purpose of the amendment, in fact the revenue provided by an VAT would feed a fund for the reduction of the tax burden, as if to say we lower taxes by increasing VAT of a consumer product.

The pellet is a fuel that contributes to the achievement of the objectives laid down in European 2020 in terms of thermal energy and renewable replaces fossil fuels, exactly those subject to unanimous critical and contrast as the main responsible for change ongoing climate. The initiative of the Government is therefore incomprehensible and unpopular, if not in terms of a exclusive search of easy revenue, the effects of which will only burden in household spending. We ask all possible steps are taken to repeal the amendment and ward initiative is particularly harmful from all points of view.

Source: AIEL

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