New website !

Italfocus presents its new website with detailed information about its products


Italfocus introduces its new website with detailed information about its products, such as the source of the raw material, the wood essence, the technical data sheet of each single product and the sacks showing the real size. There is also an updated page devoted to the latest industry news about biomass and particularly about pellets.

The illustration of case studies will prove even more the advantages in using wood pellets as a renewable source for home heating. Its value is becoming more and more more competitive thanks to the Income Heat subsidies, entered into force at the beginning of 2013. It will be illustrated the pellet first steps in Italy and, to follow, in the afternoon programming, the agripellets will be introduced as an alternative solid biofuel obtained from farming waste. Then there will be an exhibition of the steps necessary to the production of agripellet, with a small plant producing grapes shoots.

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