About us

The Italfocus Ltd is a company with a sales network throughout the Italian country and agents divided by areas and distribution channels.
We deal with biofuels such as wood pellets, firewood, briquettes and biomass in general. After an accurate selection the best product is chosen, the manufacturing firms visited and evaluated, the certificates of origin and quality verified, and extra quality tests performed by our trusted laboratories… only after these severe stages, we introduce the product on the market, assuring quality and standard over time. Our office is in Casoria, in the suburb of Naples, where all the business flow and the logistic movement are constantly monitored.
We are associated with AIEL (Italian Association of Agroforestry Energy), which brings us and our clients up to date news about all the European regulatory and qualitative frameworks concerning pellets and biomass. To ensure regular supply to our customers throughout the year, we are continuosly in search of high-quality pellets. Products are generally delivered on pallets, big bags or in bulk.
We deal in biomass as well as in wood pellets for both domestic (0,24in) and industrial uses (0,31in).
Our pellets are conforming to the parameters recommended by the current regulations EN-plus A1 for domestic use and EN- A2 for industrial uses and boilers.
The company was created and is managed in the firm belief that the consumer is really the one who decides the success of our enterprise, therefore we take care of him with selected high quality products.

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